Welcome to the RIFT-MC Store!


Here you will find a variety of packages to aid you in your adventures or customize your game play on our server. We try to provide many packages to suit your needs but if you wish to see any packages added feel free to leave a suggestion on our discord server or bring it up to an admin in-game! Purchases made on our website will be contributing to the development of the server. We have many projects we look forward to completing over the next few months and every penny counts! 

Refund Policies:

Any purchases made on our web-store are final. Refunds will not be provided unless otherwise stated. This is because donations made will be used to fund future projects improving the server and will no longer be available for us to return. Opening a dispute with either your bank or through PayPal will result in being permanently banned on Tebex. This will stop you from being able to make purchases on almost all servers as it is the largest Minecraft ecommerce platform. If you have any concerns please feel free to contact a staff member in-game or on our discord. 

Privacy Policy:

All information that is required on this webstore is not shared with any other third parties and is stored securely. All payments are processed via SSL enabled gateways and ensure that your payment details are secure. Personal information is collected so that we can fulfill your order and is never shared with any other third parties.

We are not affiliated or endorsed by Mojang AB or Notch Development, we are not affiliated with Mojang or Notch. Do not contact them for issues that may arise here.